Corked 101


Individual Charcuterie Board

Choice of one cheese, one meat and assortment of crackers

Small Charcuterie Board

Choice of two cheeses, meats, fruit, nuts, bread crackers, olives and peppers

Charcuterie Board

Includes meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, breads, crackers, olives, spreads and choice of three cheeses (sharp cheddar, Amish bleu cheese, Havarti, smoked gouda, white cheddar and goat cheese)

Pretzel Charcuterie Board

Includes meats, veggies, olives, grapes, cheese (queso or cheddar) and spreads

Bread and Olive Oil Platter

Pick two oils (regular, tomato basil, oregano garlic, roaster garlic or jalapeño) or balsamic and bread assortment

Pretzel Bites and Queso



Roasted garlic or red pepper. Includes veggies, crackers and bread

Cheese Fondue

Classic cheese fondue with smoked gouda. Served with chicken, vegetable varietal, bread assortment and pretzels

Dessert Fondue

Classic chocolate fondue made with Hershey’s milk chocolate. Served with strawberries, bananas, rice crispy bites, pound cake, and cheesecake bites.

Flatbread Naan Pizzas - Smoked Salmon

Boursin cheese, smoked salmon, capers and red onion

Flatbread Naan Pizzas - MEATBALL MOZZARELLA

Red sauce, shredded cheese, meatballs, mozzarella & fresh basil

Flatbread Naan Pizzas - Margherita

Basil pesto, Italian and mozzarella cheese, tomato, goat cheese and red onion

Flatbread Naan Pizzas - UNBE-CHEESE-ABLE

Blend of shredded cheeses, fresh sliced mozzarella topped with feta


Shredded cheese, matchstick carrots, onions, chicken & cabbage. Topped with spiced peanut sauce, crema, cilantro & crushed peanuts.

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